Google Lightbox: new advertising format

In order to improve the effectiveness of its advertising system, Google has introduced today the new format called Lightbox, based on the impact that the announcement may cause the user, and is no longer focused on the number of clicks receive. With this new format, Google assures advertisers to better reach the public.
Google has introduced a new format for its popular message system, you called Lightbox, whose main characteristic lies in the change represented when evaluating the effectiveness of the ads, since it leaves based on the number of clicks, and going to focus more on the content that really hits the user.How does it work? Lightbox is a format that shows the image of traditional advertising into a website, but if a user hovers the cursor over the image for two seconds, the ad expands on a large canvas to the center of the page, leaving everything else in the background and darkened, until you click outside the picture. That is, a system very similar to that used on Facebook when viewing pictures, only this time you come across advertising, rather than a photo of your friends.

Thus, Google seeks to eliminate most advisories that you accidentally, and ensures that Lightbox is increased significantly, the efficiency of the same, and you get a better understanding of who is really interested in the notice, and gives them the possibility to advertisers only pay when users expand the notice.

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The software giant Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablet which will come in two versions: One that will point to the market and the business notebooks and another to compete directly with the ubiquitous Apple iPad,
The executive director of the Titan computer, the always energetic Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer met with journalists in the industry in the neighborhood of Los Angeles and announced a tablet .. (Another) but “created, designed and manufactured by Microsoft employees.” Thus describing the competitor iPad as a tablet that “work and play”.
“It’s a community of Microsoft computer completely new,” said Ballmer. “It embodies the notion that ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ drive each other forward.”

First of all we should mention that the name “Surface” is not new, Microsoft has used it to enormous surfaces of $ 20,000 that also handle the concept touch and sold for real and have been seen in more than a sci- fiction (“When you least expect”, for example)
Surface is also the name of a desktop computer giant touchscreen that Microsoft intends to introduce in the market for use in restaurants, shops, bars and other venues.

The announcement of Microsoft modified its traditional role as a provider of software for computer manufacturers. In a broader context, however, highlights a discussion with Apple about what should be a tablet: a new category of consumer devices or a traditional PC in a slim and portable package. For his part, Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division, said the device is a “tablet is a great PC, a PC that is a great tablet.”
“They want to be on their couches, they want to be at their desks and want to take it,” he said … “People want to do all these things without undermining productivity that are known by the PC.”


They have a back support that keeps it lifted down to view pictures or video, and a display case called “Touch Cover” that, when opened, keyboard functions as a 3mm thick and coupled to the computer using magnets ..
Thus, the tablet may become small desktop computer.

The tablet version of the operating system Surface RT measures 9.3 mm wide and weighs 676 grams, and will have 32 and 64 gigabytes of memory for the model designed for the home user.
The most powerful model, operating system Windows 8 Pro, measures 13.5 mm wide, weighs 903 grams and will be available in 64 and 128 gigabytes for the model designed for professionals.

Both have a high definition touch screen of 10.6 inches (26.9 centimeters) has cameras on both sides, one of the main differences with the device of the apple company is staffed by USB 2.0 port and can insert MicroSD cards, which allow connections to peripherals such as printers and displays, something that until now no model of Apple.

“This product marks a significant shift in Microsoft’s product strategy”, “It puts the focus on the consumer rather than the press allowing Microsoft to compete with Apple on a lot smoother.” However, Microsoft could become “the worst enemy” in the tablet market if it overwhelms the audience with too many options and specifications, instead of following the trend of Apple to offer simple options, said analyst Sarah Rotman.

With this announcement, no one really expected, Surface is in addition to the “wave of tablets” but with his own and those like them or not Microsoft and its windows, is undeniably still king in terms of traditional computers refers and already have Windows 7 officially over 500 million human beings.

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All Windows users are accustomed to the classic Windows Media Player that comes by default with the operating system, it is clear that the items to play our music as the old radios or stereos are deprecated and all thanks to the multi-functionality of our computers. The possibility of adapting them speakers, mp3 format, and the ease and speed with which change from one artist to another or from one album to another, have made our way to listen to music has changed much over the years. Of course, sometimes the quality of reproduction does not approach that of a stereo, speakers sometimes we use, sometimes the quality of the files or sometimes by the media player being used.
That’s why we bring you now a list of 5 audio players that will help in this task.

VLC Media Player
Definitely one of the most popular multimedia viewing is VLC Media Player, also known as VideoLAN or VLC to dry.
VLC is installed with its own codecs that allow you to play a large number of formats, both audio and video (to name a few: H.264, Ogg, DivX, MKV, TS, MPEG-2, MP3, MPEG-4, aac) and is compatible with several subtitle formats.
In addition to multimedia files allows you to view DVDs, VCDs and AudioCD, it also plays content from TV capture cards and can connect to servers through Internet streaming.
has a portable version of the player to have on any computer worn on a USB device.

GOM Media Player
GOM is a compact free video player that plays multiple formats (AVI, DivX, WMP, MPEG, MPG, MP4, OGG, XviD, H.263, etc …) which also installs its own codecs, so do not worry when watching videos.
If we already had installed a package of codecs, GOM to select between different versions of the codecs available in the system when doing playback. The program lets you select between three play modes: normal, high quality TV mode, designed especially for those who tend to connect your computer to a TV screen.

QuickTime is a popular multimedia player created by Apple and known years ago for MOV video format. Today, QuickTime is able to play most video formats, audio and even image and the ability to access streaming content.
Get QuickTime image quality superior to that of other players and it does by using the H.264 codec, a video standard that achieves higher quality in less space. This new version lets you view videos with resolutions previously only dreamed about.

Haihaisoft Universal Player
With support for over 30 different formats and with funcionaliadad PowerDVD, Real Player and Windows Media Player’s DRM software company presents this powerful multi-format player and quite minimalist as it combines all the compatibility of various formats and display the simpler interface and low resource consuming on the market.
In addition to playing various formats that other players can not, this player also has different display options to play your videos.

RealPlayer SP
You may already know, this program is like Windows Media Player 11, you are bothered with frequent internet connection during installation including, but makes up for it is without doubt one of the most complete multimedia players in the world, and supplemented with social services make it even better, connect with Facebook to share videos not to mention Twitter, you can convert videos for viewing on a mobile device, you can download video from thousands of sites, including a DVD burner, video controls and works in conjunction with iTunes. Notably, also in Spanish

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Find smarter, more comprehensive Search by Image results

Since its launch last year, people have been using Search by Image to do everything from tracking down the origins of old photographs to more exotic applications like search by drawing, recursive search by image, and creating photomosaics. To continue making Search by Image more useful, almost every week we launch changes to the algorithms that power this feature. Some of these recent changes include:

Smarter best guesses

When you search with an image, we use computer vision to try and figure out what the image represents, and then show you a “Best guess for this image.”

There are times when we may get it wrong or we won’t show any guess at all. However, we’ve made recent improvements to provide “best guesses” for more images more often and make the guesses more accurate. For instance, now you’ll see that the image above is not just a “flower,” but more specifically, that it is a bird of paradise, which is popular in Hawaii.

Knowledge Graph results

With the recent launch of the Knowledge Graph, Google is starting to understand the world the way people do. Instead of treating webpages as strings of letters like “dog” or “kitten,” we can understand the concepts behind these words. Search by Image now uses the Knowledge Graph: if you search with an image that we’re able to recognize, you may see an extra panel of information along with your normal search results so you can learn more. This could be a biography of a famous person, information about a plant or animal, or much more.

(Tip: In Chrome or Firefox 3.0+, images from the Knowledge Graph area can be dragged into the search box to start another search!)

More comprehensive search results

Finding more information about an image is the most common use of Search by Image. Very often this information is found on websites that contain either your image or images that look like it. We’ve made recent improvements to our freshness, so when photos of major news stories start appearing on the Internet, you can often find the news stories associated with those photos within minutes of the stories being posted. We’ve also expanded our index so you can find more sites that contain your image and information related to it.

Before, you would see only one site with this image you searched for.

Now, you see more information and sites with that image.

Try Search by Image by simply uploading or dragging-and-dropping a photo into the search box on Google Images. You can check out our video for all the ways you can search using an image, and you can also download the Chrome or Firefox extensions to make searching photos from any website even easier.

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A gadget or gizmo is a device that has a purpose and that has a specific function, also often have small dimensions, is very innovative and is always practical in accordance with the latest in technology. In turn, has a revolutionary design. The gadgets are everywhere and so have many synonyms: appliance, appliance, apparatus, device, gadget … If you look around any insurance you have on hand.
People often think that the word was invented around the 1980s in America, but in reality, although there are several theories about the etymology of the most popular gadget traces its coinage and back to the years 1884-5 the Gaget company, Gauthier & Cie, in charge of the casting of the Statue of Liberty, as the date of the inauguration wanted some publicity, and began selling small-scale replicas of the famous lady. But this contradicts other theories, like the claims that had been used in the field of navigation or ensuring that the terms come from French-speaking gâchette or GAGE.
In any case the term came into use and became popular in Anglo-Saxon countries in the early ’80s.
Types of gadgets
We tend to associate this term with all kinds of technological devices and mobile iPod, or PDA … and although most of them are technology itself, the fact is that there are different types of gadgets that have nothing to do with new technologies: electronic gadgets such as radios and devices with integrated circuits, mechanics, like bicycles, clocks, thermometers or the computer, a mini-applications called widgets that provide access to frequently used functions.
Gadgets mini applications

The term gadget (or widget), has also been given a new category of mini-applications designed to provide information or enhance an application or service from a computer or computer, or any kind of interaction through the World Wide Web, such an extension of any business application, you provide information in real time the status of the business or organization.
An example of a gadget on a computer would be the gadgets of the Dashboard System Apple Mac OS X Tiger or Windows Sidebar, which is included in the new Microsoft operating system: Windows Vista
Examples of gadgets include remote controls, almost missing the Walkman, computer mice, the increasingly widespread iPods, PDAs or even calculators or any other device such as a calculator or a watch.

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Spotify a revolutionary music program comes to USA

Spotify is an application used for playing music via streaming available on Microsoft Windows operating systems, Mac OS X and Linux (for the latter, only in paid versions) and the mobile device operating systems Symbian, iPhone and Android . Lets you listen to songs searching by artist, album or playlists created by users themselves.
The program was launched on October 7, 2008 the European market, while its implementation in other countries was carried out during 2009.
Spotify is structured by three types of accounts or users. One is on payment and the other two are free. Users with free accounts are divided into Free, those who accessed by invitation and have unlimited consumption in exchange for advertising, and Open, which was released through their own website and available 20 hours a month. The user has access to the slopes of several record companies, both multinational and independent labels, with an expanded list frequently. Tracks can be found through search for artists, titles, albums, genres, year of publication.
Users can create playlists and share them or edit them with other users. To this end, the playlist can, among other functions, provide a link to add to an email or an IM window

The application integrates with, and is already available mobile version for Android, Symbian OS and IOS. On April 14, 2011, Spotify announced a series of changes that affect users of Free and Open Accounts. As of May 1, 2011 these accounts will be restricted access to 20 hours per month. If these users want to enjoy unlimited music must pay the subscription. however, Premium and Unlimited accounts. Spotify founder Daniel Ek said about these changes “to offer free music, we must set limits.”
Spotify provides transfer audio files over the Internet through the combination of server-based streaming and transfer Peer-to-peer (P2P) involving users, also called cloud computing. An Internet connection of 256 Kbps is enough, and the bitrate of the tracks is 160 Kbps audio files can be played on demand, as if the user’s hard drive. The songs are stored in the software cache to avoid consuming more bandwidth, by repeating the songs over and over again. It uses the Ogg Vorbis audio codec. Premium users have access at all levels of audio quality
The contents of the software cache is based on an index that is used to connect to the service Spotify. If you select Start using the library, Spotify will start loading the songs on the hard drive automatically. If you have 20,000 songs on your hard drive the import process may take a while so do not hurry. As always depends on how powerful your computer.
The result also depends on what you have been organized to date with the music on your hard drive. If you are someone who has all the songs scattered throughout the Spotify desktop can not find all the songs but if for example you use the default folders that Windows and Mac offer to put your music (“My Music”, “Music”) or had previously a library in iTunes or Windows Media Player the result is very good.
Spotify not only loads the music stored on the disk but also keeps track of the music charts files you have. The list archives are traditionally. M3u but there’s more: I was surprised that my iTunes playlists lists also appeared in Spotify.
This index is used to inform other users about other users that can connect to the data to reproduce the tracks to listen to the system requirements are at least Mac OS X 10.4, Windows XP or higher. You can also run on GNU / Linux. The cache size can be limited by the user and the cache memory location can be chosen. Cache is recommended for at least 1 GB of free space.
The user must set up an account to use the software. This account can be used on multiple computers, but can only play music on one computer at a time.
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A Christmas greeting

CHRISTMAS: If your heart is a little more love, it’s Christmas.

If you know you forgive the offender, it’s Christmas.

If you truly seek God, it’s Christmas.

If you work for justice among men, it’s Christmas.

If you know suffer with love, it’s Christmas.

If you give a hand to the fallen, it’s Christmas.

Christmas is, in short, when we do any

Gracious work, dry a tear, give away a smile, soothe pain, relax a shame to go through life without thorns planting flowers in a word: Christmas is love, always love. Christmas is God.

Both the sublime Christmas night, as in the New Year, full of apprehension and hope, let us put all our hopes at the feet of the Christ Child, who smiles under the gaze enraptured mercy of Mary and Joseph.

Supliquémosles that we witnessed, by the grace of God, transforming feedbacks in the days ahead and, thus, general morality, now in catastrophic decline, rise again, victorious to the soft murmur of the faith.

May the Holy Church falls off to the dramatic crisis in which he lives, in these days of confusion and distress, and is recognized by all peoples as the only true Church the one true God, and the inspiring and Mother of all spiritual and temporal. And, opening their hearts to her, lit with solar splendor to all individuals, families, institutions and nations.

We held a few days before Christmas. A space, though some forget, enjoy the family, perhaps around a meal, regardless of price. It affection, devotion, that little detail that makes a world of difference.

Christmas is a meeting place, love and family conversation.

A space where we can delight with the bright eyes of a son or nephew soon as you open a gift. Moreover, the time allows us to go back to being infants, enjoy the little things, the moments that life gives us.

In this blog we have no informatico that all our readers to send a huge hug. each comment and thank the dozens of issues published and thanks to you we are a big media that, apart from pride, we put a tremendous challenge.

Merry Christmas to each of you and your loved ones.

God bless all our readers and their families and that in this coming year 2012 their wishes come true

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Parents need to learn to use the Internet

New technologies have radically changed the society, education, communication … and in just a few years. As a result of this change the difference between the children, who are born and grow with new technologies, and their parents and teachers, for all these “currencies” are not necessary, has opened a “digital divide” between the two groups, making communication more difficult and more dangerous the network, which is far away from parental control.
Hiperadictos young sons to the network and take advantage of opportunities that their parents do not know how to use the new technologies and even they are scared and not knowing anything about computers can handle these the will.
Teaching children from small to use the Internet properly is essential to make the most of this vast network of information, without falling into the dangers that entails web. But to do so, parents should also learn to manage

For now let me give you some reasons why should you also learn to use this medium as used, not just about opening your email and reply to messages. Nor is it just open your Facebook account and do the same. I’m talking to learn to use the Internet

-He is 50? 60 or more? Any disease that prevents you from moving around a lot? If you can still use his hands and his brain, have a computer and know how to open your email …. Then, you have everything you need

Her children no longer talk on the phone? Now just send him text messages? Yes, they prefer to share their photos, messages and everything from facebook.

She has felt helpless fool for not knowing or manage your facebook page? At least, already has one?

You do realize that the Internet knows everything!. When I learned to ask Dr. Google, I realized that it really has all the answers. A recipe, the time in any country, the climate, translator, dictionary (Wikipedia), etc.

Now here are some tips to help you and your child to use properly and effectively:

1 – Use the Internet together. If you do not have at home there are many places with this service you can use with your child.

2 – If your child does not know can “learn” if you know together and ask him to explain what he is doing and why. Tell you what your favorite Web and instructed. This will help to have more confidence and pride in their skills and knowledge.

3 – Pay attention to games that use or copy the Internet. Some games are violent or sexual content is inappropriate for children.

4 – Help in locating appropriate Web sites and make sure you see that you consider most suitable as it can assist them with their homework, for example.

5 – Monitor the time your child spends in front of a computer … Internet use, while useful, can be as addictive as television.

6 – Teach the rules for safe Internet use. and make sure you never do the following:

- Give your password to anyone, even your friends, use bad language or send cruel messages, threatening or lies

- Share personal information online such as your name or names of family members, address, telephone number, age, school name.

- Pretend to meet an unknown person or you have contacted a “chat room”.

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The Genius Steve Jobs

On this occasion I will make a small review of your life because for all we mean a breakthrough for the world and was personally an example and push to the many issues that we have all of you in this column.
Almost a month earlier in a deplorable and great loss of Steve Jobs, at the age of 56, victim of a terrible cancer of the pancreas. The company co-founder of the great Apple was one of those geniuses that appear from time to time with the incredible ability to change the world with their inventions.
Born on February 24, 1955 in the U.S., San Francisco, California, Steve was the result of a relationship of a young Syrian immigrant Muslim Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Carole Schieble, an American of Swiss descent and Germany. Both were college students who felt that the child was an obstacle to achieving their goals, so they decided to give it up for adoption to a young middle class couple, Paul and Clara Jobs of Armenian origin.
In a speech that became famous on June 12, 2005 at Stanford University when he was convinced he had overcome pancreatic cancer, Jobs referred positively to this part of your life that marked him forever, ” My biological mother was a young student and single, and decided to put me up for adoption. She was very clear that those who adopted me had to be graduates. My biological mother found out that my adoptive mother had no university degree and my father had never graduated from high school, so he refused to sign the adoption papers. Only months later relented when my parents promised that one day I would go to college … “But when we finally get to enter the Reed College in Portland, at age 17, just six months hard, for courses bored him. Only continued for another 18 months, but almost as a free student, carrying only subjects he liked. It was “one of the best decisions you make,” said Steve.
When I was only 21 years Apple in the garage of his home with his boyhood friend Steve Wozniak. Five years later they were millionaires and Jobs face was cover of “Time”. The use of the crowded “mouse” or “mouse” that we all use in computers, we owe to this wonderful person Jobs, who was like no its enormous utility, integrates its legendary Macintosh 128 K, which became a total bestseller.

In 1985 the directors of Apple, incredibly took him from his own company. This fact caused him any discomfort or anger or a grudge for what happened was the opposite. He said it was the best thing that could happen: “It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life,” he said. And I think NeXT and Pixar, the latter was the extraordinary computer animation company whose productions as “Toystory” have received more than 22premios Oscar!

In 1997 he returned to Apple through the front door and then took her to the top with his inventions that changed forever the world of computing. There’s the iPod, the iPhone or the iPhone, and more than 300 patented creations in his own name that revolutionized modern culture, and incidentally gained a fortune of over 8 thousand 300 million dollars.
“Steve Jobs was the greatest inventor since Thomas Edison. He hands the world sample, “said Steven Spielberg rightly. President Barack Obama said after his death: “He transforms our lives, redefining entire industries and achieved one of the greatest feats in the history of mankind: change the way we see the world.”
What made you able to achieve so much? N addition to the magnificent ability to create this Iconoclast, was certainly his attitude to life I try to convey to young people.

“I also believe in the power of dreams and hard work. Therefore, we humbly thank you for having the heart and followed their dreams and have created Apple Inc. ”
Farewell, Steve.
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The best in video game consoles

Today, the seventh generation of game consoles has changed and brings a new world of fun for children, adolescents and adults. This time show most amazing consoles today.
Among the household consoles that currently stand: PlayStation 3 (Sony), Wii (Nintendo) and Xbox 360 (Microsoft). In the field of portable gaming devices may include: Nintendo DS (Nintendo) and PlayStation Portable (Sony).
PlayStation 3
Sony’s console called PlayStation 3 or PS3 is just one of the most popular at this time. As advantages over the PlayStation 2 (PS2) can highlight the incorporation of a reader for Blu-ray and the ability to deliver high-definition images (1080).
The PS3 has the ability to connect to the Internet and download games, videos and updates to the system (firmware).
It has USB ports, Ethernet and Wi-fi. Has a hard disk storage, depending on the model, can have a capacity of 20GB and 160GB. It also has flash memory reader.
This console can play audio CDs, DVDs and new Blu-ray movies.
In this way, the computer becomes an excellent option to avoid having to buy a home player for watching movies or listening to music. Among the characteristics of their leaders highlights the realism of the vibration function on the device DUALSHOCK 3 and the high sensitivity of the buttons. Another advantage comes from the hand of wireless connectivity (Bluetooth).
Nintendo Wii
Wii is a console that seeks to immerse you in the game, using all the advances of technology. The wireless controller is one of the keys of this product by offering a new way to play. This device can detect movement in three dimensions made by the user, making a novel three-dimensional experience of gaming. This equipment was designed to integrate with the Internet. You can work with flash memory and games are distributed in a format known as Wii Optical Disc (optical disc 12 cm). Another aspect is the compatibility with GameCube games and the possibility of wireless connection to the Nintendo DS handheld console. It can display 480p video and offers the possibility to use the widescreen ratio (16:9).

Xbox 360
In late 2005, Microsoft launches its seventh-generation console, to which he named the Xbox 360.
This device, and allowed to enjoy the latest games, you can go online to play with others online or get content this way.
You can add an external hard drive and has USB 2.0 ports. You can connect to an Ethernet network adapter or add a Wi-fi.

Xbox 360 has many versions: Xbox 360 Core (basic model), Xbox 360 Arcade (basic model with wireless controller and 256MB memory unit), Xbox 360 Premium (with storage between 20 and 60GB) and Xbox 360 Elite (the complete with 120GB model).

The idea of ​​these models is to offer an option with all the equipment and other cheaper alternatives which can then be extended.
This device supports games and movies with audio CD and DVD. You can add accessories such as steering wheel for games, web cameras, remote controls and headphones.

It features multi-channel surround sound definition video of 480p, 720p and 1080p (with HDMI option).

Also marketed the HD-DVD player for games and movies, but this format has not had the expected results, especially for the world of video.

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS is a handheld that has the advantage of using two screens for gaming.
This display technology, combined with one of them is touch, offers a high degree of playability.
Nintendo DS was released in 2004. Two years later introduced to the market Nintendo DS Lite. Between November 2008 and during 2009 will market the new Nintendo DSi.
These consoles have voice recognition options and Wi-Fi to interact with other devices.
Their greatest strength is the use of 3D without special glasses. To achieve this effect requires a tiny camera that records the movements of the face of the player and according to them, moving image elements to provide the illusion of depth on both screens.

This box suitable for a single user, who will rely on graphical power than the current laptop will be compatible with the games of Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi and DS XL, but not be in three dimensions.

PlayStation Portable
Sony’s portable console called the PlayStation Portable was launched in late 2004 in Japan and in 2005 the rest of the world.
This model features a widescreen LCD (16:9). You can connect wirelessly with other models, or do it online.
Work with type memory cards Memory Stick PRO DUO. Playback images and various audio and video formats.
Among the accessories that you can incorporate this device include: video camera, Global Positioning System (GPS) and digital television.
In 2007 Sony launched PlayStation Portable Slim & Lite. This device is known for being faster, lighter and thinner than the previous model.
The new Sony handheld console was named PSP 3000 and offers improved buttons and display features.

Of all the proposals to control games, which is more innovative is Microsoft Project Natal, and works with any Xbox 360 console.
The system is based on a technology where voice recognition and movement complement each other perfectly. And if it is not compulsory to use any command, since all actions are performed with body sway can be optionally combined in the traditional checks.
The backbone of Natal is based on a sensor, which is similar in appearance to a DVD player. This sensor is an infrared projector depth of about 23 centimeters, which is combined with a CMOS sensor, similar to digital cameras, which allows the system to the room layout in any lighting conditions.
The device connects to a small circular base and is designed to be placed under the TV screen. It has three luminous eyes that respond to an RGB camera, depth sensor, a multi-array microphone, with the same technique on the headset, it suppresses the noise. All this orchestrated by a processor running the software that manages the capture of the whole body movement, facial recognition and voice.

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